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Complimentary before and after smile makeover pictures , so you know exactly what your new smile will look like

Preventive dental care (teeth-cleaning, check-ups/exams, screenings, digital x-rays) tailored to each individual's unique needs

Cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and lumineers (to improve the shape, color, and appearance of teeth)

Invisalign (invisible braces to correct imperfections) Implants, crowns, surgical procedures, and restorative treatments (fillings)

Oral Conscious Sedation (to induce a sleep state, for those who experience extreme anxiety) under the supervision of an expert anesthetist.

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Attention: If You Are a Health-Conscious Individual Looking for Unprecedented Comfort and Peace of Mind Resulting from a Completely New Kind of Dental Experience, This Is for You…


Imagine an Extraordinary Dental Visit, Every Time. Imagine Going to the Dentist Without Fear or Anxiety, Without Pain, and Without Being Exposed to Dangerous Products or Materials.


It Is Possible.


At Last: A Caring, Experienced, Educated Dentist You Can Trust to Use the Safest Materials and Techniques, and the Most Up-to-Date Technology Available, to Ensure Your Oral Health – and Your Overall Health - Are Protected.

If you are considering a new dental office, you may be experiencing some of the following:


·         Anxiety. Maybe you had a negative dental experience in the past, or you are concerned about the state of your oral health. You may fear the discomfort of going through a dental procedure. Whether it’s one of these reasons or a combination of them, you have avoided the dentist for quite some time. 

san bruno dentist

·         Fear. Whenever you think about going to the dentist, 3 thoughts come to mind, and you’re afraid of all of them: needles, the drill and pain! You also worry about the dentist performing the wrong treatment, or a treatment you don't want or even need.

·         Concern. You know research has shown that certain types of materials and procedures commonly used by dentists are not safe, and you don't want to expose your body to them.

·         Shame. It's been so long since you've been to the dentist; you’re embarrassed about what might be found when you finally sit down in a dental chair under that bright light. (Plus, what if you cry or have a panic attack?)

·         Embarrassment. You’re not happy with the appearance of your smile, so you hide it. You cover it with your hands when you laugh or take a picture, and it keeps you from living life the way you really want to.

If any of this sounds familiar, you should know you're not alone.


Some studies say close to 75% of Americans admit to having dental fear. And 30% of American adults don't go to the dentist at all, because of it.

And let’s be honest: There really is a lot to fear! Who wants to go through pain? And then there’s the awful “gagging,” or not being able to swallow for a prolonged period of time. You might be afraid of not having control of the situation, or of having a negative dental experience, in general.

I understand, and you're in the right place.


optimal health

First of all, you should know that the state of your oral health has a direct impact – and a significant one – on your overall health. You may not realize it, but your oral health is linked to your risk for other health concerns, including heart attack, diabetes, and stroke. And the longer you avoid the dentist out of fear, the scarier the conditions in your mouth can become … and the more likely they will affect your health.


Now, here’s the GOOD NEWS:


I've created what I like to call An Extraordinary Dental Office experience … and I'd like to share it with you.

But first, you're probably wondering who I am and how I can help you.


I'm Dr. Bradley Parker, Doctor of Dental Surgery and owner of the San Bruno Center for Dental Medicine. What really defines me is not how I'm similar to other dentists, but how I am different.


First and foremost, I am here to make a real, positive difference for my patients. I have made it my mission to offer comprehensive, holistic, biocompatible dentistry in an environment that is relaxing, comforting and completely cutting-edge.


I earned my Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1982, and have strived ever since to remain at the forefront of the industry. I consider my 200 annual hours of continuing education an opportunity to discover the latest, safest, and ultimately, the best treatment options for my patients.

To that end, when you come to the San Bruno Center for Dental Medicine, you can expect:


san bruno dentist

·         Relaxation. We welcome you into a comfortable reception area, and then take you back to a treatment room that features some of the most comfortable dental chairs you've ever seen! If you have any anxiety or fear, we offer a variety of sedation options including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation.

·         Efficiency. We know your time is valuable. We won't keep you waiting when you arrive, and the sedation options we offer allow you to undergo several procedures in one visit, reducing the number of visits required.

·         Safety. I choose naturally compatible and mercury-free dental materials, opting for natural methods and the least invasive treatment methods whenever possible. We're also a mercury-safe office, which means we take extra precautions when removing our patients’ old dental work that contains mercury, to protect you, our staff members, and the environment from its harmful effects.

·         Long-term Solutions. I always strive to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms, and repair those with safe, long-lasting methods. We also offer a Dental Warranty, so you can rest assured your investment is protected.

·         Modern Technology. Because I believe prevention is the best medicine, my staff members and I use THE absolute most up-to-date technology (including digital x-rays instead of traditional x-ray film, minimizing your exposure to radiation) to do everything we can to detect potential health concerns before they become problems, saving you tons of time and money over the long term. This includes screening for potential cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, diabetes, heart attack and stroke. Our use of the best technology means we can help you faster and more effectively than ever.

san bruno dentist

·         A Variety of Services. Whether you just need a cleaning, fillings or crowns, teeth whitening or straightening, cosmetic dentistry (such as veneers or lumineers), screenings for related health concerns, and/or treatments for existing conditions like gum disease, we specialize in a multitude of procedures. (We even have a proven treatment for migraines!)


If you know it's time to go to the dentist, and you're ready to enjoy a completely unique, comfortable, Extraordinary Dental Experience, I would love to meet you!


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